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Nobbys Beach, Newcastel Australia,before the "Prasha Bulker"
Sydney is still here and believe it or not we didn’t get “blewed away” the old media just so does like the power of its own influence and us wee mortals are just so trigger jumpy and gun shy these days that it won’t be long before we return to our caves in the hills as ascetics praying to be taken in as gas by the Divine to higher states of conscious.The weather warning is good and necessary information however the ability of the media to sensationalise potentially traumatic events is very well rehearsed to the point of exposing themselves to criticism as it attempts to 'gloss up' the news to entertainment status.

These present days seems to me to be a complete charade of make believe of unsustainable cosmetic cultures, unclad bodies, war, trickery, take over’s, alcohol and social violence. Like I mean if you were an ant or a bee you would not let man into your nest or hive, seriously would you, would you let him in with a camera what is more? Sound, vision, colour, action. Well maybe you would,if he was the His Holiness the14th Dalai Lama or his equal.

Talk about be alarmed and not alerted, or Alerted but not alarmed, why one cannot walk the streets of Melbourne, New York, Telaviv, Bag dad or any city without being gunned down or in fear of a terrorist be he an American serviceman, president, a potential Arab suicide bomber, or a pram pushing baby kissing Federal politician . Last weekend the Sun Herald ran the headline HOUSE OF HORRORS telling Sydney readers alone just how much violence we had been exposed to in the last week, with numbers of deaths, rapes, woundings, gunshots, death and blood shed…..etc. for the week.
What we ask is a cyclone warning, when our society is experiencing social tornados and psychopathic tsunamis? Society is a collective reflection of the overall psyche, so this present declaration is rather apt representation of the states of traumatised individuals one observed and who attend therapy.

Thank the Divine for bringing us to the Dalai Lama last Saturday and for returning sanity to our place in the planet. For now he is amongst a very few of the best and most wonderful courageous souls we will ever know, and so help us, we need him more than ever right now to reassure us that there is life with great hope in an open future beyond this insane age of materialistic greed.

We are and can all be Dalai Lamas that is how we were born, before the rot of society began to affect and osmotically influenced us to disassociate from conscious awareness. We unintentionally hypnotized ourselves into a trance of delirium, living a life of rampant materialistic hallucination especially during these past 50 years as we billowed mindlessly away surfing in the fallout from the atomic scatter post 1945.

His Holiness told the collected 30,000 that “materialism is good and brings good things ……..things like a shower, however too much materialistic thinking separates mankind from his emphatic self which can lead to greed, pain and suffering. If one is passionate about their work and can be successful without hurting any one or any thing and has an absolutely clear conscious, bearing no doubt, with empathy and compassion for the poor and needy then that type of materialism is ok, it is good. It is here where one senses Divine consciousness, genuine sense of God love.“

He said “I went to Calcutta to Mother Therese; she was Divine Love in expression to the poor. Seems like nursing, cooking, and teaching is a really good spot to find love and compassion eh? Real limbically connected Mother love. His Holiness went on to say we can also be successful and not hurt people in many other life endeavors, however if we ignore any doubt it will be to our personal peril as that state of being aggravates us and leads to anger and suffering and shortens life expectancy which is now being scientifically proven.

Responding to the question what is the meaning of life? His Holiness took his time, firstly taking in an interpretation of the question, then a long wait, a scratch behind the right ear before saying. “The meaning of life, quite truthfully I must say I don’t know”

“However I do know that being happy and joyful brings good health and longevity, science is proving this now. The future, with hope abundant is open to all of us.”

Prior to His Holiness’ reassurance a recent whisper came to me from the ants of my imagination in one of my writing moments which said “Life is magnificent”, I looked at the word MAGNIFICENT and saw MAGIC and MAGNIFI .

Crystallising this gift further a little gem appeared with a giggle; “To look in we look out To look out we look in”.

Translated to the every day place of us, as I understand for now, it may means here that if we are bothered, aggravated in some way by something we experience we may take that bother in for a moment and study it, by experiencing how it feels, curiously staying with the sensation, ‘the feeling’ inside our being in the very moment of the experience.

Do we sense a feeling of guardedness, closing, questioning, confusion, seeking clarity through judgment, uncertainty, resentment, of being cut out, cheated, lied to, frustrated, sad, pissed, angry, hatred, jealousy, lust, rejection, abandoned, alone, hurt, unloved, or all and any of those other fearful contracting, withdrawing shades of inner disturbance?

Now when we are in non threatening company, laughing, relaxed, no longer guarded, sincerely happy, safe, joy filled we a sense of openness, expansion, becoming available to share this endless supply of life expanding open generosity, willing, giving, empathy, compassion, self fulfilling divine freedom we feel free and safe and easy.

Eternally loving the future, to me, this is the fundamental tenant of sustainability in this age of Aquarius which is making its way down the canal for international political rebirth freeing itself from psychologically induced, dominant fear driven, by hell fire and brimstone damnation, despicable behaviour, developed from prior traumatic conditioning of errant religious and cultural mythology transferred down through the ages.

Finally we will arrive at the freedom of our own consciousness the “I” within, the person we were born to be, a divine loving soul here for a joyful experience forever, free from fear, terror and abuse. Capable of observing all. Fully capable of being “in the world but not of it.” Constantly present, mindful now fully aware of self.

May I ask you for a moment to just play with the idea that Global warming was not happening prior to 2005.

Well in our heart we knew it was happening forever, yes all along. Previous generations have tried to dismiss this doubt. As an economically based materialistic society we were just too afraid, too conditioned, too self possessed, too ignorant, too scared to let go and be born to a new world. The innate threat to leave Mother’s warm cosy womb once more was too much. Further more we maybe further traumatised by being torn away from or kept from her breast, forced from our land, our nourishment, our basic shelter, to starve, alone. But this has not happened and now the year is 2007 and the psychic vessel of Australian consciousness has “GONE ABOUT” changed its attitude, we move on, setting sail for open clear waters of the future whilst we repair the damage.
How symbolic is it in this time for the "Prasha Bulker" to have run aground on Nobbys Beach, off Newcastle Australia, a near new ship, laden with fuel ( Ship runs aground )which refused to heed the weather warning to now be hard on the sand and require a monumental event to re float the vessel. There is a model example for the collapse of an individual, a society, a fleet , a nation or earth.

Now we see the Australian aboriginal healers the wise ones beginning to lead Australia and the world back to a sustainable modern age through the dreaming and imagining of modern technology working passionately with nature in a sustainable, emphatic and renewable manner to resurrect their people and us with them. These people who have been stripped of all, lost hope, and their dignity and still they sit and wait the white man’s courts for the judgment of innocence and apology whilst their 'elders and keepers of the stones return with the ancient knowledge to resurrect all from a spiritually grounded place.
Thats all Folks
Love and Blessings as always phduck

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