Monday, 11 June 2007


Sustaining the mindful state of consciousness is loaded with distractions and temptations formed by old habitually evasive behaviour reinforced by cultural practice and the mythology carried with time into the present.

When one has been watching the antics of man closely for over 50 years the collage of familiar and popular ideas normally run in cyclical recurring systems. Sure there are disguises, false starts, u turns, round abouts, creek and ocean crossings to navigate and negotiate but all in all the intention and leadership is well intended.

Let me make this easier. Begin with a clock face, 12 equal distance division around the perimeter of 5 minute segments.Each blocks of 5 minutes X 60=300 seconds per block. Each hand has a scaled measurement to match into 24 hours or 1 day.

1 Second x 60= 1 minute x 60 = 1 hour. x 24 = 1 day averaged to 30 days x 12 = 1 year x 60 = 60 1 year cycles. That's a very brief explanation to a system of time.

There are infinite systems within systems

We have heard the expression"Time bears all truth", surely then this must be:

The time for TRUTH.

People from all walks of life are moving to this call, from the Anti whaling ships, Anti Nuclear, Anti Pine Gap anti American, ANnti Children overboard, ANti funding to Saddam from the wheat board. Anti Industrial and Rights at Work, Anti Stem Cell, Anti Genetic modification Anti G-8 economies. We have a world against the outright abuse and domination by powerful corporate mobsters.

However I do want to say that the answers are all coming together in this moment of transformation as the world takes on the instructions from the second hands in this systemic clock of change to "Prepare to GO ABOUT" as we move into this water driven age of mindful Aquarian consciousness.

”Life is magnificent, yeah that’s it.

“We have an innate magnifying potential to capture our own self image.

Look in to see out : Look out to see in”.

That's all for now folks Love and Blessings as always phDuck

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