Saturday, 9 June 2007


Sustaining and maintaining mindful consciousness on a global scale has many vested interest and callous inhumane vectors, temptations and wobbly old habitual and fundamental mind vehicles blinkering distraction from the narrow path ways of fear and terror.
Predator Vs The People forever obstructing any possibility of belief for organic unity and sustainable peace.
Russia Vs US for Nuclear rocket prominence, Coal and Carbon Emissions Vs Nuclear consumption. Economy Vs Global Warming!!!!! WHAT
Africa, HIV, starving slaughtered children.

The G-8 Summit is supposedly the upper managers of our collective consciousness arranging the ways and means to our future, however, as the following article from the UK Guardian tabloid indicates that the poor still seems to be treated poorly when it comes to compassionate humanitarian support for the disenfranchised native people.

"G8 communiques change the world, in various ways; the point is to interpret how they do so. Since Germany hosted this year's summit, it seems only appropriate to invert the words of its best-known philosopher. Karl Marx famously exhorted his readers not just to analyse but to act; and the idea with G8 meetings is that they are not mere talking shops but also make binding commitments. The job is to work out in which direction the world's most powerful leaders, negotiating behind closed doors, are taking the rest of us. Yesterday some were convinced that the direction was the wrong one. While G8 statesmen were holding their photo op, Bob Geldof staged his own rival performance across town.

In vintage Geldof-ese, he labelled the politicians "creeps" and the summit a "farce".
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