Saturday, 31 March 2007

Introducing Carol Stuart and Rod McClure JP. Sydney Graduates of Hakomi Integrative Psychology and earlier Diplomats of Australian Institute of Professional Counselling

We are both registered Counselling Supervisors with the Australian Counselling Association
Our Sydney practice is at The Bondi Junction Counselling Service incorporated within the Bondi Junction Massage and Float Centre

In commencing this Australian blog we are interested to share and expand the wonderful Hakomi psychotherapy teachings established by Ron Kurtz
the founder of the Hakomi method of Body Centred Psychotherapy
For further details There is an Australian Hakomi Institute site at
The word Hakomi is trade marked for the method of therapy instructed.The word's origin lie deep within North American Hopi Indian culture and asked "Who are you"?
Hakomi may be studied in Australia, a series of nine intensive, nine day block sessions over three year, of theory and practical experential training to begin discovering "who we are" opposed to who we thought we were. The therapist have intensive self and group therapy and we know there is no teaching better absorbed into the total consciousness than by the process of mindful self experience.
This is an amazing turn around to the normal undersyanding of education where we have been cognitively trained to take on new knowledge.
For us the process has been a truly amazing kyak like adventure over some of the most treacherous, scarry, dangerous edges and places our psyche has ever been guided, to be delivered now to much calmer sun filled waters where our beings have begun a magnificent new journey of mindful self discovery setting "our beings" to a welcome new, safe place from where we now wish and prefer to share and live.
Hakomi is based in five organic principles, mindfulness, non-violence, unity, organicity and mind-body holism.

"Hakomi is the absolute cutting edge of modern psychotherapy".- John Bradshaw, author of "Bradshaw on the Family". "Creating Love" "Home Coming"

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