Saturday, 31 March 2007

Anti -Acid Quickeze

You may remember a couple of years back I wrote a story about the little black ants
who had come to live upstairs with us in Bondi, they were very welcome to be with us as I believe if the ants are around then we should be safe because they are much more sensitive then we are to chemicals and poisons. What is more if we leave a crumb of cake or icing on our supper saucer, within the hour these brilliant little fellers can sniff it out and with some form of amazing telepathy they communicate to the rest of the mob that "cakes up" so like I said if they are living around us and decided to eat our food then I feel much safer.
Mind you when they got into my (ant-acid) Quickeze I had to wait for a while to get an answer because these little fellers are only tiny and it took me a while to tune into their super sensitive high frequency which is light years and many octaves above the roar of man’s voice. That’s probably why they normally live under ground to dampen the noise.
Any way they eventually let me know in the tiniest of very early morning mental whispers that the food scraps of the Bondi Back packers were mostly greasy old pizza, sugary left over burgers and other indigestion brewing junk food. That story was before the war and Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction, children overboard and Tampa, the big Indian ocean/Asian tsunami, Pakistan’s earth quake or the cyclones through the Mexican Gulf, New Orleans and Broken Hill. Seemingly prophetic times across the world.

Then when we went for our holiday to F-N Qld we visited the butterfly farm at Kuranda and there the butterflies began speaking to me in the most beautiful way, again I felt that perfumed wave of air on my right cheek and a whisper about the colours on the Aboriginal flag, Black, Red and Yellow colours used by nature to identify and protect herself.
These magnificent creatures have a total transformation of DNA between the pupating larva to switch to a new creation with new DNA as butterflies and then the call She sets on the wind for her mate travels 10 or more kilometres through the forest and across the land to which He immediately responds.
Did you know that when they begin their sharing of divine intimacy they become so deeply connected that any sudden withdrawal would disembowel them both?
So in her divine brilliance she actually paralyses him so he will not do a bolter if a big bird appears to take them for lunch.
What does she do. She has the bigger wings and flies at speeds up to 60ks per hour with him trailing behind going backwards like some sort of BMW behind a tow truck.
Now how good is this for a message from our universal God of insects and animals?

When one looks into the story of Moses' Exodus to lead the Israelites, out of the body of Egypt away from Pharaoh’s oppression after he had asked on behalf of his people for time off to pray and Pharaoh told Moses to go back to his people and tell them if they had time to pray they therefore had time to make more brick so he demanded more bricks. Moses warned Pharaoh that pestilence would come upon the land and it did. The dying rivers turned red, plagues and grass hoppers and mites, floods invade his land etc etc. Synchronous yarn eh?
So eventually Moses who had lots of trouble convincing his children that praying to false Gods of booze, drugs and golden calves would not get them out of their misery he went "Up the Mountain " of consciousness and waited for the message from the universe and God whispered as he can, I have already mentioned the ants and butterflies have proved this don't worry, and Moses heard their higher voices saying “Make a bronze serpent and hang it before them and by seeing it they will be healed"

With that he marched on into the opened Red sea of consciousness and passed straight through as the sea closed back over and drowned and buried Pharaohs army for 10,000 years. Is that time up, “Coming ready or not”!

I pray you will come across this sea with Moses and be able to see that nothing changes in this world other than Pharaoh’s men disguised as the oppressive little shrub and the burning bush right in front of us today with new oppressive legislation which will guarantee to keep the people bound in the brick factories making clothes for the Chinese, when the humble Lion and the Dragon decides to roar again and turn the tide in our immediate future.

What is more if you speak out which was once a sacred right of democracy, so we thought, you may now be seen as person of unacceptable character and the guys watching over all will come in the night and you will disappear without a whisper to be rushed away, detained without trial.
Prophetically, nothing is more certain to occur, unless a modern Moses takes his rod with Aaron’s before Pharaoh and he sees it bud or casts it on the ground to turn into a snake, nothing is more certain than for the hearts of mankind to continue to darken and close down under “Vader’s” influence. Prisons and hospitals are full, Paris burns, HIV, Bird flu, tornadoes, floods and Tsunamis, starvation, global warming and industrial pollution of our air and water.
Exodus right.
Our hemispheres of consciousness are being transformed.
Then for 10,000 years we may live as transformed humans beneath the rule of Uranus.
When the sea closed over Moses wrote the story in deep mythological text so that when the time was right and enough people understood how we could be taken on a journey of delusion by false prophets we would look back into the old stories and realise that Moses left a can of stones beneath the sea to mark the place to cross and that can of stones is represented by the black rock between the two houses of the Australian parliament itself a sacred geometric symbolic model of the human brain along with the Gothic churches and other mile stones and foundation marker stones of remembrances. Re Membrane. Remember.
To be continued as it was in the beginning is now, and forever shall be world without end.

Cells within cells within cells within cells.
When Parliament has two Houses of Right consciousness balance becomes upset To returns to Pharaohs domination stifling the heart of the Nation

Take a moment traveller to study if you may the similarity of the human head modelled into our National Parliament House situated on Capital Hill just South of Lake Burley Griffin.
It can be seen by its flag raised upon 4 legs towering over the building, and is a recent extension of Burley Griffin's vision for Canberra. It was designed by Romaldo Gieurgola,
an Italian, and built in 1988 costing $1.1 billion. In order to preserve the shape of the hill, on which it is built, it was constructed into the top of the hill with the roof being grassed over.
Moses opened the Red Sea just as the builders opened and closed Capitol Hill.
Just a coincidence, maybe not?
You be the judge,

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