Saturday, 31 March 2007

Duck or Rabbit


Duck or Rabbit

Rabbit or Duck
"Work lots little happens.
Work little lots happen" CRM.

We are all only human and when we are not being appreciated or respected whilst doing our best we become psychologically, physically and spiritually drained. Toxic environments do this to us, I felt that happening to me and no doubt that would have been reasonably obvious to others around me. World politics, work place or domestic situations have exactly the same effect on the populous. Self explanatory with hospitals, jails, over full and mental health queues through out the world as children starve whilst billions are spent dominating the oil market with bombs and big guns.

Having spent many years now delving into my own systemically generated belief system with all its benefits and failings I have better understanding of what makes me tick and what ticks me off and how I unconsciously learned and adopted such a belief system to help survive in life as an unsupported or ‘self isolated’ in dividual. (Divided within, separated from self)

My auto nervous system simply absorbed and implemented its own method of survival from “its” immediate environment and in doing so I (unconscious beneath all cognitive awareness) “took in“ all available examples and the self moderated my system with degrees of perceived pleasure and effort in repetitive attempts to avoid sensations of discomfort and pain in their many fold forms of trance like delirium.

So now I believe I have gained sufficient self awareness to have a very basic understanding towards how our mind, body, spirit and universe may interrelate. Now I believe I can comfortably sit with clients and support and help guide them into their emotional experience and wait with them forv as long as they need they come to their self realisation of what ever maybe necessary for them connect or reconnect their own neural pathways.

Our autonomic nervous system behaviour and “LEARNED” expectations with unconscious, intuitive perception, teaches and learns, without any help or awareness from us, neural snoballs roll through our system, predicting energy flow, so doing, tracing, activating , preparing, stimulating and or directing neural stimulus and response, instantaneously activating all of our predetermined defensive alerts along the precut neural channel established from prior sensual experiences, observation or example. To test this example bring to your mind the words flea, dog, bone, walk, tree, cat, car and you have immediately stimulated and alerted entire blocks of consciousness.

By studying evoked sensation in the state of mindful awareness the experience sensed from this store place “in themselves” generate an opportunity for us to recognise the energy within the observer or real self and by actually experiencing the sensation of this place of “where we are now” we become able to realise “the real self” and appreciate our observer self simultaneously.

This normally unimaginable shift of emotional consciousness virtually switches the energy to flow organically as if from monocotyledon to dicotyledonous brain flow, the energy then comes to life in the body.
This then enables a completely different balancing perspective to the previous perception and as we now know if we change the way we look at things then the things we look at change.
We then are able to see both sides of a situation. We are better able to understand why we become so influenced by the view which disturbs us. When we are able to safely lay down our defences we become able to see situations from another angle, another perspective and generally these have been the issues which kept us feeling sad, hurt, neglected, unloved, unwanted or angry or what ever emotion we care to name the discomfort to be.

“If we change the way we look at things the things we look at change”

The poet Charles Baudelaire once wrote that
“The devil’s finest trick is convincing the world he doesn’t exist”.
Our Implicit memory has done the same.

Ref; A General Theory of Love By Lewis, Amini, and Lannon.

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