Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Mental Health of a Nation

Dear Ones,
Been away from the blog for too long, now encouraged to step forward once again. I hear the frogs calling and see disturbing attempts by the righter ones of the financial right who foolishly believe that by having soppy cuddly photos taken whilst surrounded by the gentle femme will some how soften hearts and national psyche to their cold hearted narcissistic psychopathy.

Pretending to lean left.

Uncomfortable, out of step and imbalance the Abbot walks a plank towards oblivion following in the foot steps of his former Cannon little John and fellow party Leader of waters and far canals.

Mean time we are supposed to accept that it is ok for banks to urge up their interest rates whilst they continue to shed staff, send call centres off shore and grant their CEO's and Directors immoral levels of financial rewards for raking profits from the coal face of society whilst knowingly keeping the poor from entering the castle gates or rising from our muddy slums of deliberate unfunded social neglect amidst pretentious welfare gestures.

Then we do congratulate the Australia Day Council for choosing a champion of mental health as our Australian citizen of the year to also expose the very issue of social suburban detention and Prof. McGorry immediately went out of his way to speak out about the inhumanity of detention centres
We sure do have a long way to go but it is really pleasing to know that we have made the move and many people are gaining confidence to surrender their addiction to the toxic drug of endless inhumane corporate profit at the expense of earth and the creatures born to live upon this place where we all share red blood.
Ok the mill wheel begins to turn and we all need to become response able for the carrying of our own wood and water so I'm off the pond I hear a call for help.
Your visits and comments are always welcome at this Duck's pond.
Ph Duck

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