Thursday, 13 November 2008


We sincerely hope trust and pray the election of Senator Barack Obama will move the entire US (and Australian) consciousness back to one of civil decency which we know and too well understand has been corrupted by incessantly creeping avaricious greed for the past 50 years as man’s kindness was progressively overshadowed and eroded by inhumanity and social neglect, a natural socially addictive and seductive bi product of rampant predatorial capitalism surviving by gleaning unproductive “ticket punching” mark up profits.

From our mutual experience, pain and discomfort generated by our sincere resistance to this creeping systemic abuse, so brilliantly reflected and paralleled in this model within any out of control organisation such as HIH or ABC Learning, Or KBR Halliburton, and Enron where individuals and CEO’s abused their publically entrusted directorship to self serving indulgence. This is the left over confederate mentality of sheer arrogance.

When society’s leadership becomes so exposed we psychologically know we are certainly at a very dark threatening hour and it is from that darkness that the sun has rises. I believe this natural driving cyclical model is evidenced systemically from the micro nuclear quantum of physics to the eternity of time.

I also see Kevin Rudd as a rising sun following the darkest hours of the past leadership. With Rudd’s early morning sun shining and as the sensitive statesman he is being honest and gentle attempting to warn the people by radiating morning warmth as Christmas generosity from the cold night of the past narrow ideology, as he prepares his people for the blaring impact of the midday financial tsunami sure to send us all looking for cover, protection and shade as the intensity rises in the coming months and years into the new cycle

As has been said "that what comes around goes around."

Living statue of liberty

Under the leadership of our new regime with Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the new glow from America’s living Statue of liberty President Barack Obama we have been offered the real deal.

Australia day 2009 will be more than a celebration of the first settlement of British citizens in Australia. Immediately following the US Presidential inauguration Australia Day 2009 will open the door of internal and international consciousness and cooperation wider to let in the light and fresh air to welcome in all citizens who love and appreciate genuine Democratic, liberating non threatening tolerance acceptance and understanding regardless of race skin colour or faith.

Following on from the Sorry speech at the opening of the 2008 Australian Parliament we will be able to continue the walk as Senator Obama has done by being the first African American to lead the American people showing conclusively that his Audacity of Hope has led him to this amazing achievement for the American people and he has become a living symbol of integration for all regardless of race, skin colour, or creed.

We all see the middle ground and were born with the right to live appreciate and revere that cooperative core of humanity.

Where there is a will there is a way.

Sure we all have our work to do and we also understand we have a way to go to heal old wounds and treat old scars however the focal convergence of the financial tsunami, global warming, rising seas threatening the supply of clean air and water can no longer be ignored as these basic essential needs must be available and gratified for each and every one of us sharing civilisation on this planet.

We now enter a wonderful new age of conciliation where we seek to find the common ground between the extremes of left and right, right and wrong to sit in the middle and wonder how the situation feels for the other party as we open our hearts and minds to the views and attitudes of the other party.

In many many instances we are actually seeking the identical out come and our old cultural conditioning and fear, yes basic fear of being hurt gets in the way.

Giving rise to that famous quote of “A life lived in fear is a life half lived”

So guess who is coming to dinner

That’s it back to the pond.

Love and blessings

Ph Duck

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